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Methodological Framework

ILC's Methodological Framework
As shown in the framework, the main components of our consultation services are:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Quality Management
  • Leadership Development/Leadership Systems
  • Implementation of Enabling Technologies

Our methodology is inductive; we use the information provided and work with our clients to customize the methodology to meet their specific requirements. Based on our client's needs, particular components of consultation services are emphasized over others. Regardless of the particular project focus, we stress the cultural and people aspects of the methodology. We create strategies that involve employees and enable them to feel they are part of the change process. These strategies typically include participation, teamwork, open communication, suggestion systems, and other involvement processes. It is our experience that different components of the methodology are needed for different projects. The best mix depends on the internal and external context of the task, prior efforts (both successful and less so), and the overall strengths and improvement opportunities available to our client.

Through our integral change management process, we strengthen our clients and help them to become able leaders of change, to become agents of change rather than victims of circumstance. We teach our clients to utilize major people, process and project management tools that allow them to undertake subsequent improvement projects using our methodology and tools without our perpetual involvement. We help our clients become change agents as we emphasize their self-sufficiency for future change and improvement efforts. ILC is sensitive to the fact that in our ever-changing world, leaders increasingly require well-developed skills in leading change and championing improvement. Therefore, we strongly emphasize leadership development and systems as we tailor our methodology to a particular client's project.

ILC assists clients in implementing enabling technologies to support alignment of strategic objectives throughout their organization, monitoring and communication of key performance measures, increasing information sharing and accessibility, and effective operation of reengineered processes. We employ industry-standard life cycle methodologies for requirements analysis, analysis of alternatives, architecture development, design and implementation. We ensure that technologies implemented address Section 508 accessibility standards, security requirements, and system requirements as well as providing the required business functionality.




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